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Our mattresses

Sleepwell like a Pro with the promise of comfort, intelligent support and superior ventilation

New release
  • Medium firm feel
  • Enhanced firmness
  • Optimal comfort & support
  • Soft top feel
New release
  • Medium firm feel
  • Gentle comfort
  • Desired back support
New release
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Medium firm feel
  • Responsive body support
  • Soft top feel
New release
  • Plush quilting
  • Optimal support
  • Healthy breathability
  • Soft top feel
New release
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Medium firm feel
  • Responsive body support
  • Soft top feel
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New release
  • Gentle feel
  • Superior air-circulation
  • Soft top feel
  • Anti-skid
  • Superior support
  • Plush top feel
From AED 3,331 From AED 1,832 45% off
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Our pillows

Thoughtfully designed for best head and neck support and shape adaptability

Nexa curve pillow 50% off
Nexa Curves
Original price was: AED 349.Current price is: AED 175.
Nexa regular pillow 50% off
Nexa Regular
Original price was: AED 349.Current price is: AED 175.
Best latex plus regular pillow 50% off
Latex Plus Regular
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Best latex plus curve pillow 50% off
Latex Plus Curves
Original price was: AED 199.Current price is: AED 100.
Naturalle Regular Single Pillow 50% off
Naturalle Regular
Original price was: AED 349.Current price is: AED 175.
Naturalle Curve Single Pillow 45% off
Naturalle Curves
Original price was: AED 349.Current price is: AED 192.
Impressions Regular Single Pillow 45% off
Impressions Regular
Original price was: AED 199.Current price is: AED 109.
Impression Curve Single Pillow 45% off
Impressions Curves
Original price was: AED 199.Current price is: AED 109.

    Our innovations

    Sleepwell Neem Fresche®

    An anti-microbial technology integrated in all our products to protect you and your loved ones from dust mites, allergies and breathing disorders. Effective even after multiple years and washes and certified environment friendly by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


    Airvent technology enhances airflow for faster dissipation of heat and moisture, ensuring a dry, cool and comfortable experience.

    Wave Profile

    Unique ergonomic profiling offers progressive comfort and distinct pressure relief to different points of the body. Natural wave profile also ensures superior ventilation and heat dissipation.

    Pull the mattress out of the box.
    Unroll the mattress on your bed.
    The mattress will feel good within a few minutes.
    Your mattress is ready. Now Sleepwell.


    Mohammad Nasir

    I recently moved into a new home with my family and had to buy 3 mattresses. Thankfully Sleepwell had a range and I could select an orthopedic mattress for my parents and a dual mattress with one side soft and the other side firm, for us and my children. It was easy to place the order on the website, the mattresses were delivered the same day and unboxing it was fun. I’m happy with the products.

    Stephen Frank

    I was facing back pain with my current mattress and I realised I had spent just a few minutes trying it at the store and perhaps that was not good enough. I came across the Sleepwell mattress which had a 100 day trial offer. This seemed like a sensible option. I buy it, sleep for a 100 nights and return it if it doesn’t suit me. I’m very satisfied with my purchase.

    Rakesh Sinha

    My work is largely sedentary and I’ve been facing stiffness, especially in my neck and shoulders. That is why I was looking for a pillow that can help me counter these effects and help me rest well. After checking out a few reviews I bought the natural latex Airvent pillow as it uses natural materials and also have an anti-microbial finish. I have been using this pillow for a month now and have enjoyed the experience.

    What consumers frequently ask?

    How do I choose the right mattress?

    There are so many different types of mattresses available that it can be a little overwhelming to know exactly what you need. Here are some tips to help you make your choice and buy a mattress online:

    When buying a mattress online, start by doing some research on different types of mattresses and which ones are the most popular. Top brands like Sleepwell constantly innovate their offerings to cover a vast range of needs, like medicated single mattresses, comfortable mattresses of different sizes, anti-microbial finishes, cool gel-infused foam, and more. Pick out a few that interest you and look at their features and specifications.

    Look at reputed online stores that sell mattresses and see which ones have the best reviews and prices. Make sure that you find a store that has a good return policy if something isn't working out for you.

    If possible, take some test runs with a few different models at the brand’s offline store. Try them out for comfort and before settling on the best mattress for your bed.

    If possible, ask friends and family for their recommendations on which mattress is the best for them. You may be in luck if your family has used the same brand before!

    Once you have chosen the best mattress for your bed, make sure to order it from an online retailer with free shipping so that it arrives quickly and in perfect condition. You can also use any promo codes or deals they may offer to save even more money!

    What is a king and queen size mattress?

    All types of mattresses at Sleepwell are available in different mattress sizes. A king size mattress is a mattress that is big enough for two people to sleep on. It is usually a little bit larger than a double size bed mattress. A queen size mattress is a little bit smaller than a king size mattress.

    Both sizes are used for sleeping and are suitable for households with one or two people. They can also be used as extra sleep space for guests. Generally, if only one or two people are sharing a bed a queen size bed mattress should be fine. But if you have pets, or your kid sleeps on the same bed, getting a king size mattress is a better option. Sleepwell offers multiple dimension options for all their king and queen sized mattresses. So you should measure your bed frame before checking out the king size mattress price or queen size mattress price when you buy your mattress online.

    Does a mattress affect how a person sleeps?

    Yes, a mattress can affect how a person sleeps. A mattress is like a foundation for your bed, which is why it is important for you to do your due diligence before you buy a mattress online. If you do not have a comfortable mattress, you are in danger of a number of maladies.

    For example, a bad quality mattress, or a lumpy mattress can lead to spinal issues or body aches. This in turn will cause a negative impact on your sleep quality, as you will be unable to have an undisturbed sleep cycle, leaving you tired and irritable the next day. The best alternative for such a user is an ortho medical mattress. The best orthopedic mattresses will provide support for your body and allow you to move comfortably without disturbing anyone else sleeping on the same mattress. A bad mattress may cause aches and pains, while a good one may help you get a better night's sleep. It's important to get a good mattress that is both comfortable and supportive. To get the best mattress in the UAE for your needs, explore the Sleepwell website. Here you will find the best mattress for your bed, basis the unique needs you will have.

    Why should I buy Sleepwell? What makes Sleepwell different?

    A leader in the production of PU foam in Asia Pacific with presences in India, Australia, Spain, and the UAE, Sheela Group's flagship brand is Sleepwell. With more than 10 internal production facilities, Sleepwell’s high quality of mattresses for beds, and other products use premium raw materials and lab-tested PU foams that maintain their resilience over time as opposed to traditional foams, which lose their resilience over time and cause an uneven surface feel and sinking of the mattress. In its cutting-edge labs, Sleepwell conducts ongoing research and develops innovative technologies with a thorough grasp of sleep and individual comfort preferences in order to provide a wide range of products. Whether it's best quality mattresses with different surface feelings, orthopedic memory foam mattresses, pillows with contoured dual heights for desired neck support, or a wide range of style choices for bedding set collections, there are many possibilities available to suit every user. The brand also boasts a tailored solution to pamper your preferred resting experience, no matter what it may be. With the greatest after-sales services in the business, we guarantee that all of your problems are taken care of after buying your mattress online and throughout the duration of the warranty.

    How to decide on the right mattress size?

    A mattress’ size depends on a few factors, including your body weight, the amount of sleeping space you have, and your sleep style. While mattress size can be a personal choice, there are some guidelines that can help you figure out what size is right for you.

    For example, a person who sleeps on their back or side may prefer a mattress that is slightly larger than one who sleeps on their stomach or on their face. A person who is overweight may wish to choose a mattress that is slightly smaller than one for someone of normal weight.

    With these guidelines in mind, here are some tips for choosing the best mattress size for your needs:

    1. Measure your bed: First, measure the length and width of your bed using a ruler or measuring tape. Then add three inches to each side so you have room to fold the mattress in half. Finally, round up to the next whole inch to allow for any irregularities in the bed frame or mattress base. There are a number of standard sizes available at most mattress manufacturers. These include single size mattress, double size mattress, queen size and king size mattresses. Many brands like Sleepwell also offer custom sizes for their customers.

    2. Get help from manufacturer: Having a manufacturer or retailer measure your bed can be helpful because they will have more experience with the size and shape of the bed. They will also be able to give you recommendations based on your sleeping style and weight.

    3. Find a store with a good return policy: It’s important to check out the website beforehand so you can find one that has good return policies and customer support when you buy a mattress online. Also check for reviews and testimonials about the same.

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