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No stress. For your muscles, and budget. With perfect spine alignment.

Medium firm feel
Adequate body support
Enhanced air circulation
Health breathability
Perfect spine alignment
What goes inside

An anti-microbial technology integrated in all our products to protect you and your loved ones from dust mites, allergies and breathing disorders.


Sleepwell Resitec® foam

Sleepwell Resitec® foam resilience lends itself to better flexibility, thus offering pressure point comfort. It has a medium-firm feel and gives optimal body support and a comfortable bounce.


Profiled PU foam comfort

Ergonomically designed, unique profiling offers distinct pressure relief to different pressure points of the body, enhances airflow, freshness and bounce.


Dual tone fabric

More than just about the look and feel. The dual tone fabric of our pro series is especially designed to highlight the support and pressure point zones in the mattress.


Bottom Airmesh fabric

A smart fabric stitched to the mattress that supports an airy night of sleep.

Know more about this mattress

What's the feel of this mattress?

It offers a medium firm feel for a balanced sleep experience.

How's body support ensured?

Layers like Resitec Foam and Profiled PU foam provide optimal body support and spinal alignment.

What about air circulation and breathability?

Dual Tone and Bottom Airmesh fabrics keep the mattress cool and well-ventilated.

Does it help with spine alignment?

Yes, the mattress design promotes perfect spine alignment through its foam layers.

What's the benefit of Dual Tone fabric?

Dual Tone fabric enhances airflow, adds comfort, and elevates aesthetics.