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About Us

For the past 50 years, we have been the leading mattress brand in Asia and have pan India presence with over 4000 exclusive stores today.

Through our innovation breakthroughs, we are committed to designing and crafting personalised sleep solutions for millions of customers across Asia, Australia and Europe.

Our 18 state of the art manufacturing plants have a combined capacity of 1,51,000 MTPA. New plants are planned to further increase the production capacity across all geographies.

Our global reach

Our parent company, Sheelafoam’s science backed foam products are exported to 32 countries worldwide, a testament to its global quality and popularity.

Our foam is used in multiple consumer and technical products, in industries and applications such as aviation, automotive, sports and music to name a few.

Sleepwell's ingenious technologies

Sleepwell’s dedicated R&D division is constantly testing and developing new innovations in foam.

The team led by our CTO has produced innovative breakthroughs like variable pressure foaming, anti microbial technology and superior air circulation foams.

Sleepwell Neem Fresche®

An anti-microbial technology integrated in all our products to protect you and your loved ones from dust mites, allergies and breathing disorders. Effective even after multiple years and washes and certified environment friendly by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Airvent technology enhances airflow for faster dissipation of heat and moisture, ensuring a dry, cool and comfortable experience.

Wave Profile

Unique ergonomic profiling offers progressive comfort and distinct pressure relief to different points of the body. Natural wave profile also ensures superior ventilation and heat dissipation.

Going green to keep the planet clean

A step towards a sustainable future Sleepwell is taking steps towards sustainable practices by introducing eco-friendly packaging.

Our new pillows are compressed and roll packed in an undyed canvas cloth. This is our earnest effort to reduce single use plastic packaging. Our mantra is recyclable, reusable, simplified and sustainable.

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