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A Guide To Buying A Mattress That Fulfils Your Sleeping Needs

Posted on: 15 Jan 2024

Picking the best mattress is among the best decisions you will make for your home. Attaining a good night’s sleep is of utmost importance for your overall well-being, and a good mattress will ensure you get it every night.

But, with the abundance of options available out there, it becomes very difficult for you to decide on one, isn’t it? Well, if that’s the case, then this guide will help you get an insight into the important consideration factors that are ideal for you to decide on the ultimate mattress that will suit your needs.

What are the Things You Must Consider for Buying the Best Mattress?

Some of the things that you must consider while you choose a mattress for your sleep comfort:

1. Decide on the Type of Mattress

There are several different types of mattresses out there for you to count on, based on different materials used for their manufacturing process. Each type of mattress has its positives in providing you with the utmost comfort and body support. So, here is a brief glimpse at all possible options for you to count on:

Memory Foam:

Memory foam mattresses are meant to offer you pressure relief benefits as they contour your body and release the weight of your specific pressure points. A memory foam mattress is recommended if you are suffering from back pain issues, as it will help you attain proper spinal alignment.

Latex Foam:

The latex mattresses are somehow similar to that of memory foam in terms of feel but are more resilient or bouncy. You will find a lowered sinking effect and firmness as compared to the memory foam mattress. The natural latex used to make this mattress is collected from rubber trees, which makes it an organic material.


Innerspring mattresses are made up of steel coils that add more firmness to them. It will provide you with more bounce and comfort and is a favourable option among buyers. If you are a stomach or back sleeper, there is no better option for you than the innerspring mattresses, as they are firm enough to keep your spine aligned.

2. Check the Firmness Levels

Once you have decided on the type of mattress you want to go with, now it is time to determine the appropriate firmness levels. When you decide to buy a mattress online, firmness is the major comfort factor that you must take note of! As per the mass preferences considered, medium or medium-firm beds are among the most popular picks. But your ideal firmness requirement will depend on the sleeping position and body type:

Sleeping Position:

  • If you are a side sleeper, it is better to go with a soft to medium firmness quotient for keeping your spines aligned. 
  • If you are a stomach sleeper, you must stick to getting a firmer mattress to avoid your pressure points from sinking in. 
  • If you are a back sleeper, it is better to go with medium firmness levels to ensure your spinal alignment isn’t risked.

Body Type:

  • If your body weight is heavy, you must look for firmer mattresses to prevent too much sinking effect and ensure proper spinal alignment to repel the back pain issues. 
  • If you are lightweight or have a small body frame, it is better to go with softer mattresses to get enough sinking effect to release the pressure in your joints.

Do consider both your sleeping position and your body type to decide on what your ideal firmness level is, and order a mattress online.

3. Analyse Your Sleep Concerns

Your firmness level is set and ready for consideration, but your sleep concerns will also play a major role in deciding what type of mattress will go well to meet your comfort needs. Some of the sleep concerns include:

Hot Sleeper:

If you are a hot sleeper whose body temperature rises at night, it is better to go with a mattress that provides you with cooling technology and better airflow. This way, your body heat won’t get trapped in the mattress, and you can attain a comfortable sleep at night.

Back Pain:

If you are suffering from chronic back pain or some lifestyle issues, you must get a mattress with foam specific to attend to the back pain condition, backed with medium firmness for spinal alignment.


If you have allergies to dust mites or some specific allergens, you must look out for mattresses that are hypoallergenic and have specific technologies to repel dust mites from affecting your sleep quality.


With these factors taken care of, you will be able to pick the best mattress online! To help you with a kick start, Sleepwell is here with the top mattress options with the latest comfort technologies embedded in them. Starting from foam varieties to different firmness levels, we have everything in our store ready to attend to your comfort needs! Do check out our collections across the store and find your perfect mattress in UAE.

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