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A Guide to Choosing the Best Mattress for Personal Comfort

Posted on: 06 Feb 2024

At Sleepwell, we offer a lot of mattresses that differ in terms of budget, quality, comfort, support, and other parameters. But, you definitely seek the one that will suit your personal comfort needs, won’t you?

But how to distinguish a mattress from the crowd of options that will suit your personal needs? Well, you must take note of your expectations on firmness levels, mattress materials, comfort technologies, size, and other parameters to come to a decisive conclusion.

If the thought of shortlisting one mattress from the big list of options overwhelms you, this article is here to help you with the right tips for making the search process easy for you. So, read along with this article till the end to find out!

What are the Tips to Count on for Choosing a Mattress for Your Personal Preference?

Here are some of the tips you must remember for learning how to choose the best mattress for your personal needs:

1. Decide on the Material that You Need

Mattresses are made up of diverse materials, such as spring, foam, latex, etc, and the comfort parameters are different in all. Now, when you are considering your personal preferences on priority, it is better to stick to the material that you know about. Memory foam is one such material that has been a popular pick and adheres to the comfort needs of almost all body types and sleep preferences.

Memory foam mattresses tend to align your spine to offer you ultimate comfort and body support for relieving pressure. At Sleepwell, we bring to you the Nexa foam mattress that comes with optimal firmness level and is crafted with various comfort zones to prevent your body from sinking in too deep and give you the perfect contouring support.

2. Do You Sleep Alone or With a Companion?

Again, it is a personal consideration that you must make when you buy a mattress. Irrespective of whether you are a lone sleeper or prefer sleeping with companions, it is better to have motion isolation properties in your mattress. It is because the mattress is an expensive investment, and changing it in the long run when you get married or start sleeping with your partner won’t be possible.

Sleepwell’s Nexa foam mattress comes with a smart recovery memory foam layer, which encourages motion isolation. As the weight distribution of sleepers on the mattress surface will be even, you will witness no motion transfer due to the partner’s movements or vice versa. Thus, your sleep comfort will be ensured! Look for the top most comfortable mattresses that prioritise motion isolation.

3. Pick the Right Mattress Firmness

Whether you need a firm or medium firm mattress will depend on your sleeping position and body weight. If you and your partner are different in terms of body weight and sleeping position, it is better to get two smaller mattresses with varying firmness levels. You can either consider the medium firm or firm mattress for ultimate comfort. You must know your body weight and sleeping position to be able to make the choice.

Medium-firm mattresses are ideal for side sleepers who weigh less than 85 kg, as they will help support the hips and shoulders, providing utmost comfort. Apart from that, the back sleepers who weigh less than 60 kg can also stick to a medium-firm mattress, as it will prevent the lower back and neck from sinking deeper. Firm mattresses, on the other hand, are also ideal for side sleepers and back sleepers with similar weights.

4. Preferable Size

Your preferred sleeping area will depend on your height and bed frame. You must measure the bed frame and the mattress space to determine exact measurements. At Sleepwell, we offer our Nexa mattress with the scope of customization available for you to pick your own dimensions. While you choose the dimensions, make sure you leave enough room for turning or moving around with ease.

In case you share the bed with your partner, consider a wider mattress to ensure you both get enough space to sleep comfortably. Our Sleepwell Nexa mattress is available in standard sizes, such as single, king, and queen. If you don’t want to stick to those standard options, enter your custom dimensions in the given box and place your orders.


These are the basic considerations that you must make in order to pick the right mattress. But, if you still have any other comfort necessities for the surface layer, you can consider adding some aids over the mattress. Use a good mattress cover and sheet to enhance the plush feeling of the top surface.

With the Sleepwell mattress, you can expect to attain not just plushness but optimal comfort and body support as well. Explore the product in brief, check out the product page, and place your orders right away! If you are looking forward to buying the best mattress in UAE, look no further than Sleepwell.


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