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A step-by-step guide to ordering mattresses online in Dubai

Posted on: 11 Mar 2024

Your mattress is one of the top factors that can influence whether you will enjoy a restful night or frequently wake up throughout your sleep due to noise, movement, or back pain. With many advancements in sleep technology, it is now easier to find mattresses that are designed to meet your comfort level and sleeping preferences.

However, with so many options available in the market, it can be a challenging task to hunt for the best mattress in Dubai. At UAE Sleepwell, we offer premium quality luxury mattresses that can meet everyone’s sleeping needs with innovative mattress solutions at the best price range. When you choose to buy a mattress online, you get to use a trial period and a big warranty period. There are more affordable options and a wider range of mattresses to pick from when selecting the right size you are looking for. No worry about dealing with salesmen; get the mattress delivered to your doorstep conveniently.

So, how do you pick out the right sleeping mattress online? Follow through this guide to understand what goes into mattress purchase considerations online to get the best value for your investment and improve your overall health.

Consider the firmness of the mattress according to your sleeping position

One of the crucial features to determine while choosing a good mattress in Dubai while buying it online is its firmness range that will influence your comfort and support level as per your sleeping position. As per experts, back and stomach sleepers should prefer firmer mattresses for better spinal alignment. But side sleepers should choose softer mattresses to relieve their pressure points. Our StarGold Mattress is the perfect solution for spine alignment.

It would be beneficial to understand the firmness scale to choose the right firmness level of the mattress to support your sleeping position and make your morning pain-free. Firmness level can range from 3 to 8. Medium-firm mattresses are preferred to offer the right balance of support and comfort. Our Dual Pro Profiled Mattress can be a gentle and firm surface to sleep on if you and your partner have varied preferences.

Choose a mattress that fits your body type

Different body shapes need varying degrees of comfort and support from their mattresses. If your body weight is on the heavier side, you should choose a thicker mattress for support and proper spinal alignment. But if you are on the lighter body weight side, you can lower the thickness of the mattress. Take into account your own requirements and preferences while selecting a mattress, including any joint or back problems. As one of the top good mattress brands, we offer mattresses that can auto-adjust to your body shape and your sleeping habits designed with our exclusive mattress innovations. Our Ortho Pro Spring Mattress is great for varying pressure zones in the body, offering a medium firm feel that perfectly adapts to any body curve.

Determine your budget range

It is easy to get tempted to buy cheaper mattresses online. However, they don’t last long and can be detrimental to your spinal alignment, which can lead to many chronic conditions. Investing in luxury mattresses can be more cost-effective in the long run. So, decide on your budget range, which mainly includes the mattress thickness and dimensions, mattress material, comfort level, and longevity. Consider the mattress UAE price range and choose the mattress that meets your sleeping comfort and support preferences. Shopping online means you can get financing alternatives and discounts to shop at the right price range.

Decide on the mattress material that is ideal for you

There are multiple material types of mattresses, including hybrid, memory foam, latex, and innerspring are available. The mattress price in Dubai can be influenced by the mattress material you choose based on the quality they offer. Our exclusive technology integrations in the mattress designs include high-quality materials that are tried and tested in the lab to offer excellent pressure relief, body contouring, and breathability, with gentle, bouncy surface and durability.

Browse through shipping, free-trial and mattress warranty policies

Before you place the order, it’s best to check through the shipping, warranty and free-trial policies that can affect your purchase experience. You can check through the reviews to learn about the mattress’s feel and experience before making the payment. Make sure to choose the right size and dimension of the mattress and cross-check all your preferences before placing the order.

Summing Up!

Online mattress shopping is more convenient and flexible than in-store shopping. Make sure to follow through the above guide to ensure a hassle-free process of getting your new mattress. Do some research to understand your requirements and preferences, which will make it easier to find the perfect mattress and make your sleep journey smoother than ever. Even though it won’t be easier to find the perfect mattress as you can’t feel the online mattresses, we provide the convenience of a 100-night trial and up to 7 years warranty on our innovative products. So, go ahead and confidently browse the luxury mattress you want to bring home, experience superior comfort, and commit to it only when you are satisfied.

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