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Choosing the Best Mattress for Your Specific Body Type

Posted on: 28 Feb 2024

Among all the considerations that you make for buying a mattress, body type is one of the most important ones that will let you make the final call on it. That’s because the sinking effect and the body support you need can only be addressed if the firmness of the mattress adheres to your body weight or type.

If you aren’t considering your body type when buying your new mattress, you are probably going to make the wrong investment. Your sleeping needs are well assessed by your body type, as it will help you decide whether to go with a firm or soft mattress.

In this article, you will get a clear understanding of how you can buy the right mattress for your specific body type.

What are the Mattress Buying Factors You Must Take Into Consideration While Assessing the Body Type?

When you tend to talk about considering the body type while you choose a mattress, you must consider the overall shape, weight distribution, and height. These elements work collectively to project how your body lies over the mattress. But, to help you understand the level of consideration you have to make, here is an independent elaboration for you to count on:

1. Body Shape:

Everybody is shaped quite differently, and there is no practical review that can cover the foundations or bases of all types of body shapes that exist. But with the scientific and general idea, you can break down the men’s body types into three different categories, whereas women’s body types into four categories.

Women’s body types are categorised into:

Hourglass shape:

Here, the hips and busts of a woman are in similar proportions, along with a narrow waist.

Triangle Shape:

Here, the hips of a woman are proportionately broader than that of the bust and shoulders.

Square Body Type:

In this case, a woman’s body type is proportioned evenly around the waist, shoulders, and hips.

Inverted Triangle Shape:

Here, the bust and shoulders are proportionately broader than that of the hips.

Men’s body types are categorised into:

Circle Shape:

In this case, men have proportionate hips and shoulders that are narrower than that of the stomach and chest.

Square Body Type:

Here, men have their hips, shoulders, and waist in equal proportions.

Inverted Triangle Shape:

In this case, the men have their chest and shoulders proportionally broader than that of their hips.

The shape of the body is very important to decide on what level of comfort and support your independent parts require. Women who have bigger chests are more likely to find the required comfort while they sleep on their stomachs while on a supportive mattress. Similarly, there are various ways that your body shape can decide on the level of firmness and support you need from a mattress.

You will have a better understanding of how to pick the right type of mattress using your body shape once you gain insight into assessing your weight and height distribution as well.

2. Weight and Height Distribution

When you decide to buy mattress online, your weight is a very crucial factor. You don’t want yourself sinking too deep into a soft mattress while your body weight is heavy or find the surface rock hard when you are too lightweight. Therefore, you must assess the factor with the utmost consideration.

If you have a broad upper chest and shoulders, you are definitely heavier on that part and will have different support needs than the person who has more of its weight in their hips or midsection. In short, you can conclude that two people with the same body weight can have completely different support needs.

The best mattress for any lightweight individual might not be an effective pick for the heavier person. Look out for the contouring and body support technologies used in the making of the mattress, which will give you an idea of whether it is ideal for a heavy or lightweight sleeper. Apart from that, the height factor is also correlated with the weight distribution.

The height of an individual will eventually affect the overall weight distribution of your body as well as how you lie on the bed. For instance, a lean and tall man will have shoulders and hips of the same proportion, which will lead their body to lie evenly on the surface of the mattress. Similarly, tall & lean men with long legs and short torsos will have varying comfort needs than that of lean and tall men with short legs and long torsos.


Consider the body shape, weight, and height collectively in order to decide on the perfect mattress. Sleepwell, being one of the best mattress brands, brings to you the Ortho Pro Profiled mattress, which is our one-of-a-kind option, as it has a medium-firm and gentle feel, ideal for adhering to your diverse comfort needs, irrespective of your body type. We have embedded the latest body support technology backed by our Gel Impressions and PU foam layers to ensure relief of pressure across all curves of your body.

Check out the product page to learn more about our Sleepwell Ortho Pro Profiled mattress; choose your dimensions as per your bed frame, and place your order.

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