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Choosing the right mattress material: Memory foam, latex, or polyurethane foam

Posted on: 27 May 2024

Choosing a bed soft mattress can be a difficult process if you do not know what exactly you want for your bed. Finding the best quality mattress is a journey, and it could have milestones like latex foam, PU foam, or memory foam. You could also find hybrid mattresses that have multiple layers of different foams for optimal comfort and support. The choice of foam for a good mattress needs considerations of firmness, support and comfort. Your search for the best soft mattress could go through the trial of different types of mattresses.

Different types of mattress foams and which is the best

A good mattress can have different types of foam, like a gel mattress memory foam combination that works amazingly for a breathable bed and cool surface on which to sleep. Multiple foam categories have their own benefits. For example, a latex foam mattress will be different from a firmer PU foam mattress. Here are some of the benefits of different kinds of mattresses so you can make a choice based on material.

Latex foam

A latex foam mattress is preferred because of its natural and organic nature. Latex, in its natural form, is created from the sap of the rubber tree. Our Latex-infused mattresses, like Latex Plus mattresses, are made out of natural latex sourced sustainably from rubber trees. The natural latex has an open cell structure, which gives you a bouncy, soft, and airy bed in which you can sleep all night.

Latex foam provides excellent support to the body at the pressure points because it has amazing resilience from natural elasticity. If you are searching for a good mattress that relieves your pain and stress, then choose a latex mattress in UAE. If you are searching for a high-end natural mattress with the benefits of latex, choose our Nexa mattress. This mattress is durable and luxurious.

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a special kind of high-dense mattress material that helps with pressure distribution, complete recovery of your muscles, and orthopaedic pain relief. Memory foam for mattresses is often used in Ortho mattresses and also in hybrid mattresses that we create. The memory foam mattress is created to adapt to your sleeping position and provide responsive body support.

By buying our memory foam mattresses like Star Gold Mattress, you improve your sleeping posture and the quality of your rest. A memory foam mattress supports your back and neck, which helps improve the alignment of your body. We also create cool gel-infused memory foam mattresses that help you create a cool and comfortable bed. A memory foam mattress has pressure point relief characteristics that reduce pain and soreness in the body.

Polyurethane Foam

Polyurethane foam or PU foam mattresses are very affordable and durable. If you are searching for a mattress that does not cost much and also lasts for years, then you can look at our PU mattress range. You can look at the features of our Fitrest Classic Mattress, which has multiple layers, including a soft PU layer in the middle. PU foam is very resilient and offers snug comfort to the body. The soft PU mattress layer is known for its softness and high-level comfort.

PU foam might not be the best idea because it is not as good as latex or memory foam. However, if you are looking for an affordable choice, then our PU mattresses are very reasonably priced. While most generic PU mattresses can be very cheap in quality, we create high-quality mattresses using affordable materials like PU, fabric, quilting, and other foam layers. Our PU mattresses have accurate thickness and help you sleep comfortably all night.

How to choose the best mattress for your bed?

Your bed space is an important place for your life as you rest, sometimes work and spend a lot of leisure time on it. The mattress choice is the most important choice to make when creating your own bed. The mattress quality and materials should be of high grade. You have to look at the firmness level, support and feel of the mattress before making a final choice. The best way to test it out is to select one and either test it in an offline store or check its quality by ordering it online and testing it out for the initial days. Both options are available to you with our brand.


The choice of material for the mattress is the most important factor for any mattress brand. The design and the layers of the mattress create the top feel and benefits of sleeping on it. At Sleepwell, we create the highest quality mattress for you to sleep on and rest from the day. If you are confused about the mattress material, choose any of our hybrid mattresses today.

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