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Introduction to Sleepwell

In order to create the greatest sleep solutions that are tailored to your individual comfort preferences, we at Sleepwell continually push the boundaries of technology and innovations. Our journey began by revolutionizing mattresses in India over fifty years ago and assisting the country’s citizens in getting better sleep. We have gained knowledge about various sleeping habits and comfort levels in the process and created goods that complemented each one. This has contributed to us becoming Asia’s No. 1 comfort partner! We are excited to now bring this proven expertise and commitment to providing a comfortable sleep to the UAE.

Curate Your Perfect Sleep Experience With Sleepwell

Sleepwell has kept its focus on cutting-edge sleep solutions for the past 50 years. The committed R&D department at Sleepwell is always researching and creating new foam advancements. The team under the direction of our CTO has created ground-breaking innovations including improved air circulation foams, variable pressure foaming, and anti-microbial technology, among others.

Let’s take a closer look at some of innovations that have propelled Sleepwell to its number one spot in being the best brand for mattresses and pillows in the industry:

Sleepwell Neem Fresche®

The Sleepwell Neem Fresche® is an anti-microbial finish that wards off dust mites, allergies and breathing disorders so you and your loved ones can have a restful sleep every night. It is incorporated into all our products. Some of the reasons why this technology has seen such widespread love is also because:

Every Sleepwell mattress, bedset, pillow and cushioning product is protected with Neem Fresche® technology.

Airvent Technology

The brilliant Airvent® foam from Sleepwell guarantees consistent firmness. Due to its distinct cell structure, it provides dry comfort in humid weather by promoting air circulation. This is especially helpful for those with high body temperature, as this technology wicks away moisture from the skin and surface of the bed to provide a comfortable sleep.

Wave Profiling

No matter the position in which one sleeps, proper support is the most important aspect of restful sleep. To help in this regard, Sleepwell has created this breakthrough technology that utilizes cutting-edge contouring technology machines. Unique wave profiling was created with ergonomics in mind and provides distinct pressure relief to various pressure spots on the body. This improves ventilation, freshness, and bounce of the mattress, thereby enhancing the sleep experience.

3 Zone Spring

Shifting of the mattress, especially when sharing a bed can lead to sleep disturbance. In order to reduce these effects, Sleepwell has created 3 Zone Spring technology. The anatomical design of the 3 zones pocket springs have varying firmness, which promotes the body’s spinal alignment and posture. The engineered zonal pocket springs provide improved pressure relief by adjusting to the body’s contours and specific pressure locations.

Range of Sleepwell products

Sleep is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lifestyle and it’s important to get the right mattress and pillow to help you get a good night’s sleep. There are a range of different mattresses and pillows available on the market these days, each with their own unique features and benefits, so it can be hard to know which ones are right for you. That’s where Sleepwell comes in! We have a great selection of mattresses and pillows that are perfect for both side- and back-sleepers, as well as those who like to switch between positions throughout the night, so there’s something here for everyone. Some of our bestselling mattresses and pillows are listed below.

Buy Mattresses Online:

Dual Pro Profiled Mattress

This specialty mattress for bed has two main functions – Relaxation and Ventilation. It is outfitted with Sleepwell’s patented Airvent foam that has high breathability and its Wave profile technology that contours to the users body, for a gentle and firm massage feel. It comes in three different thickness options (6 inches, 8 inches and 10 inches) and is built to bring relief to different pressure points on the body.

Ortho Pro Spring Mattress

When you have body aches, it becomes even more difficult to achieve a restful night of sleep. An orthopedic mattress is exactly what is needed in such a case. Outfitted with Sleepwell’s innovative 3 Zone Spring technology, the Ortho Pro Spring mattress for bed is built to provide maximum support to the body and minimal disturbance. The zone-wise pocket springs are of varying firmness and target different parts of the body in order to give it the customized alignment it needs. In addition to this, this medium firm feel mattress is also outfitted with Airvent foam, that brings the user high breathability so their sleep is more comfortable.

Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress

A quality orthopedic mattress is a great investment for anyone who suffers from pain, arthritis, or other conditions that make it difficult to sleep. The right bed can make all the difference in how well you can rest and feel better throughout the day. This is where the Ortho Pro Profiled mattress comes in. Equipped with Sleepwell’s patented Wave Profiling technology and Airvent foam this orthopedic mattress for bed molds itself to the users body and provides a highly breathable, and supported sleep.

Buy Pillows Online:

Impressions Curves

Boasting strong ergonomic support, this orthopedic pillow uses molded foam technology to create an optimum shape for your neck and head. Impressions foam is a groundbreaking innovation that is independent of ambient temperature; providing consistent and stable comfort throughout the year. This foam naturally adjusts to the body contours, delivering a soft, snug surface and even pressure distribution. It is also outfitted with an ultra premium knitted cover, to protect the pillow from dust and other contaminants outside.

Impressions Regular

Also belonging to the Impressions range of pillows, this amazing product is also outfitted with Sleepwell’s patented Impressions Foam. This means that the pillow is optimized for adjusting to the users’ head and is unaffected by ambient temperature. Unlike the Impressions Curves pillow, the Impressions Regular has a more traditional pillow shape, making it a perfect fit for many.

Naturalle Curve

As the name suggests, this range of orthopedic pillows takes a step closer to nature by making use of natural latex foam. This type of foam has a natural elasticity and high air circulation properties. This helps in wicking away moisture, eliminating the breeding of pathogens on the pillow. This pillow also comes with an ultra premium knitted pillow cover to further protect it from any outside contaminants like dust. The shape of this pillow is made for those looking for higher neck support, as it has a dip in the middle of the pillow, providing contoured support to the neck

Naturalle Regular

This type of orthopedic pillow also belongs to the Naturalle range of pillows. Much like the Naturalle Curves pillow, this one is also manufactured using natural latex foam that maintains its bounce and elasticity for a long time and provides the user with good air circulation, leading to a dry and cozy sleep. The shape of this pillow is reminiscent of the more traditional pillow shape and it is outfitted with an ultra premium knitted cover.

All Sleepwell pillows come in a sustainable smart roll packaging, and have a three year warranty period.

Prices of Sleepwell Products

You can easily check the prices of all Sleepwell products on the Sleepwell UAE website. Here, you can explore the vast range of products we offer, the properties of each product and the prices they are available in.

Sleepwell Mattress Prices In the UAE

You can buy Sleepwell mattresses online on our website. Choose between the Dual Pro Profiled Mattress, Ortho Pro Spring Mattress, and the Ortho Pro Profiled Mattress available in 3 thickness options and mattress sizes.

Sleepwell Pillows Prices In the UAE

Explore the Sleepwell UAE website to buy the pillow online that matches your needs. Choose from the Impressions range and Naturalle range to find the right pillow online for you. All our best orthopedic pillows come in an environmentally friendly smart roll pack and have a three year assured warranty period.

Why Choose Sleepwell?

We are dedicated to designing and crafting individualized sleep solutions for the generations of our satisfied customers using our innovative breakthroughs. From the science behind choosing the right materials, to revolutionary product finishes and sustainable packaging, the Sleepwell brand is constantly on the move to enhance the sleep experience.
With over 4000 stores in Asia, Sleepwell is a market leader offering an extensive distribution and manufacturing network, a diversified product line, and strong R&D skills. Our parent company, Sheelafoam’s science backed foam products are exported to 32 countries worldwide, a testament to its global quality and popularity. Apart from the best Mattresses online and best Pillows online, our patented foam is used in multiple consumer and technical products, in industries and applications such as aviation, automotive, sports and music to name a few

How To Order Immediate Comfort – Buy Sleepwell Products Online

To buy mattresses online or buy pillows online from the comfort of your home, simply visit the Sleepwell website. Here you can discover our expansive range of products that use cutting-edge technology to deliver optimal comfort. Choose the best mattress online and best pillow online for your unique needs, select the size and customization you prefer and add it to your cart. After this, just add your address and contact details, make your payment and sit back and relax! We will deliver your order to your doorstep in due time.

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