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Your Guide to Picking the Right Mattress for Your Needs

Posted on: 01 Apr 2023

The first ever mattress was made about 77,000 years back from plant layers. A variety of other materials, like feathers, straw and horsehair were common. Egyptians built ‘raised beds’ from palm leaves as early as in 3100 BC. Today, the global mattress market is bustling with amazing options. The size of this market was valued at $49.24 billion in 2021, with projections of it to grow to $72.95 billion by 2029. This is because sleep is core to wellness, and mattresses go a long way in ensuring a good nights’ sleep. Knowing how to buy a mattress will help you pick the best one for adequate support to the neck, spine and back.

A canopy bed was once a status symbol during the 13th century. The higher the height of the platform, the more important you are. The social elite also added ornate décor to their beds with mattresses like jewels and gold. A lot has changed since then but good sleep remains paramount. It remains a critical aspect of physical health and one must know how to discover a luxurious cushy surface. This makes a significant difference to how your body feels when you wake up. Here’s a detailed mattress-buying guide.

Features of a Good Mattress

Accurate pressure relief and ventilation can assure a good night’s sleep. Anti-skid bottom, air mesh fabric, additional quilting, back support and additional layers for higher comfort are must-haves. Learn about other vital qualities that can ensure restful sleep:

Airvent Gel Impressions

Airvent technology with cool gel particle infusion allows moisture, humidity and heat dissipation for cosy and comfortable sleep. Impressions can adapt perfectly to the body curves, offering pain relief and pressure. They are known for contour hugging and offer the same levels of snug through all seasons. Impressions is our equivalent of memory foam.

Microbial Technology

This must be integrated into the product to protect against dirt, mites, breathing disorders and allergies. Neem Fresche is another new generation Broad Spectrum microbial control solution to keep pesky bacteria away.

PU Foam

This is made from the finest quality of raw materials and lab tests. It retains resilience as compared to traditional foams. They come with altered density, support mattress edges and prevent sagging.

Profiled PU Foam

This is ergonomically designed with unique profiling. It ensures distinct pressure and that little bounce for relief to multiple points of the body as the body sinks in comfort. Freshness and good airflow are other benefits.

Wave Zoning Design

This is done to establish a firm support zone in a mattress for the best back comfort.

A good mattress also comes with a zipper cover for an easy wash. This is an important feature since hygiene is of utmost importance, especially since Covid. It helps to extend the lifespan of the mattress and keeps you free of dead skin and debris which accumulate on the mattress over time.

While you buy mattresses online, check for healthy breathability and a medium firm feel, for an optimal sleeping experience. The muscles are relaxed, and the wave profile provides a massage sensation. Also check for a Free Trial period so that you have the flexibility of returning it with a full money back.

Factors to Consider While Buying a Mattress

While you may be price sensitive, it’s best to not pick the cheapest option. A mattress must hit all the right spots in the body to leave you refreshed in the morning. Look at the several other parameters in this mattress guide to tick off to select the best product for your needs.

Orthopedic Patients

Look for mattresses that promise complete spinal adaptation. They should be at least 15 cm or 6 inches thick for unparalleled support. Any mattress that is engineered to align with your spine in its natural state is recommended. Triple-zone tech with enhanced support is also quite desirable. These improve your posture and offer comfortable firmness to help you wake up pain-free.

Sleeping Position

A firm mattress is perfect for back and stomach sleepers. Most mattress-choosing guides will suggest you pick 12 inches and 10 inches to prevent shrinkage beneath the abdomen. A soft and gentle mattress is ideal for smaller people and for those ones who sleep on their sides. They are less likely to sink in which increases the risks of misaligning the spinal cord. Combination sleepers can opt for medium firmness to cater to different positions all through the night.

Body Type

Before you buy mattresses online, you need to understand the relationship between your body type and your mattress. A heavy sleeper needs a strong and firm mattress. The spring base can easily lift better than a foam base. You may look for a soft hybrid one as well. Make sure it has a transitional layer that prevents sinkage and minimises pain in targeted points. The sensitive areas of a plus-sized person like the waist or back do not ache.
A soft mattress is suitable for all other body types. Make sure they come with engineered side wall technology for side support, enhanced durability, and international aesthetics. Look for a premium knitted fabric with a smooth texture and high strength. The fabric should be tear resistant and adds ‘plushness’.

Foam Type

Tick these off if you are buying a mattress online:

  • Resitec Plus foam for higher resilience and exceptional pain point relief.
  • Nexa is a smart recovery foam which is highly responsive. It adapts to the body contours and ensures easy movement. The cell structure is unique and promises enhanced airflow and breathability.
  • Corner foam wall provides edge and corner support.
  • Soft PU foam that has undergone rigorous testing.
  • Profiled PU foam contouring
  • Sleepwell Air-O-Fresh foam for uniform firmness.

Spring Type

Springs are a rigid ‘support layer,’ without which the mattress will feel too soft. Micro springs offer a gentle progressive comfort which is well-distributed. Pocket spring ensures minimal or no movement transfer. Mattresses with these springs are highly recommended for spinal cord support in most mattress guides. You may enjoy the shape adjustment benefit which can ensure better blood circulation and is quite independent of the temperature.

How to Pick the Right Mattress of Sleepwell

Sleepwell offers innovative solutions for the most relaxed sleeping experience. The company crafts the solutions around individual relaxation preferences. The team works hard to learn about sleeping style and different definitions of comfort.
You can expect environment-friendly products with eco-friendly packaging. The process is automated which minimises waste. We use recyclable HDPE and LDPE of thickness > 50 microns. The corrugated boxes are biodegradable. So, every mattress you buy from them helps you take a step towards the wellness of this planet.

Our online store offers an easy shopping experience. The transaction is cashless for peace of mind.You can enjoy a 5-year warranty on the product. A free 100-days trial also makes it a pleasant deal. We offer free returns and express delivery. Enjoy sanitised doorstep delivery and installation.

Rest Assured

A mattress is a good investment to ensure better health. You may spend as much as you do on a mobile phone. This is a good benchmark. It becomes easier to set a budget when you have identified your comfort needs. The correct time to change your current mattress is when it has reduced resilience or shape distortion. If you’re experiencing any discomfort, it’s time to get a new mattress. As a thumb rule, old mattresses should be changed after five years. We hope this mattress buying guide helps you in understanding the parameters behind buying a mattress online, especially one that fits your needs best.

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